The "Voorhuis"... Small, but perfectly formed

Het Voorhuis is binnen en buiten gemoderniseerd.

Obscured behind trees and shrubs, the “Voorhuis” is the first building you see upon arrival. The whole building contains two separate accommodations: The “Voorhuis” and Building 1. The “Voorhuis” can accommodate up to 14 people.

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Building 1 ... Fits like a glove

De terraszijde van gebouw A op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties

Building 1 is a modern and comfortable accommodation housing up to 23 people. All the knowledge and experience that we have gained through group work has been applied here.

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Building 2 ... Impressive, inside and out

De hoofdingang van Gebouw B.

In the middle of the terrain you will find Building 2 which can house up to 40 people. In 2010, it was architecturally renovated and expanded providing versatile accommodation, with a surprising and stimulating layout.

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Building 3 ... Home from home

De terraszijde van gebouw C op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties

Building 3 was originally refurbished as a house for nature conservationists. This has given it a unique character and some trainers invariably make it their number one choice. A building that you will fall in love with.

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The “Buitenzaal” ... Extensive, spacious and beautiful

Het bos en de nieuwe zaal raken elkaar net niet

A beautiful, spacious hall has recently been built adjoining Building 2. It has been specifically designed for those groups requiring extra space.

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