The "Voorhuis"... Small, but perfectly formed

The “Voorhuis” is the most compact and intimate accommodation (14p) and because of the recent and extensive renovation, it feels brand new. Fresh, light and spaciaous, it’s equipped with every comfort and perfect for smaller or starter groups. Moreover, it can also provide that additional room or sleeping space that you, as a tenant of one of the other buildings, might find you need.

De nieuwe uitbouw van het Voorhuis.

The new extension of the “Voorhuis”.


The main room feels soft and light. Two large sliding doors open up the space to the forest and garden. The decor is both attractive and practical. Muted colors, a beautiful carpet, comfortable chairs, an excellent sound system, provide all the facilities that are necessary for group work. Underfloor heating offers extra comfort.

Directly next to the main room is a storage space where all the inventory is stocked. This enables you to disign and use the room as you wish. The kitchen is large enough to eat with the whole group and, weather permitting, the terrace can also be utilised.

For the coaches, there is a luxury bed-sitting room with a bathroom. A sunny conservatory has been added to the room with wildflowers and wild strawberries growing all around.

A staircase leads to the upstairs floor, accommodating 6 bedrooms. Modern box-spring beds ensure a good night’s sleep.

Sizes and numbers

  • The “Voorhuis” is suitable for 14 people.
  • Upstairs there are 6 double bedrooms, 2 showers, and 2 toilets.
  • On the ground floor, there is a double bed-sitting room, with a bathroom and a conservatory (24m²)
  • There is a corridor with 2 toilets and a wardrobe.
  • The main room is 50m² (6 × 8,5m) the storage room is 10m2 and the dining kitchen 24m².
  • The private garden has a furnished terrace and a large fire-bowl and measures around 250m².

You can download a drawing of this building via the “Voorhuis” floor-plan (PDF).


There is an established base price for a minimum of 10 people.
Further details about this are given under “Prices”.

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