Building 2 ... Impressive, inside and out

The beautiful entrance with its glass facade reaching to the roof is the calling card of Building 2. Inside you will be equally surprised by some architectural innovations that will heighten the quality of your stay. It is a dynamic building not only because of the extensive floor space, but because it is so easily adapted for animated dancing, silent meditation or whatever particular energy you wish to explore. With the use of special screens, it is also possible to create more intimate spaces.

The different areas flow into each other with subtle transitions and with surprising glimpses of the outside. The conservatory, in particular is very special. It serves both as a dining room and is also suitable as a secondary workspace. Tall trees filter the sunlight in, so the temperature always remains agreeable.

Het terras en de eetzaal van gebouw B

The terrace and glass extension of the dining area surrounded by greenery.

The large seminar room (120m²) has an arched, glass extension, providing incoming light, a sense of space and a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. Beech and Birch trees provide an excellent squirrel habitat.


The sound-system is modern and easy to operate. You can play music via your laptop, telephone, or even wirelessly. The ceiling lighting can be subtly adjusted to your preference, and for the projector there is a projection screen with remote control. All the essentials for yoga, meditation, and bodywork are available. This building also offers many options for storing any attributes that you might want to leave behind. Building 2 also offers a large, well-equipped kitchen.

The coaches have their private space, with two rooms: a sitting/consulting room, with an adjacent double bedroom and bathroom.
The ground floor of Building 2 is suitable for wheelchair users and appropriate sanitation is provided. Steps lead to the glass extension at the front of the building, where there is a seat to enjoy the view. There is also plenty of daylight in the hallway to the bedrooms, and at night sufficient lighting to find your way around.

Sizes and numbers

  • Building 2 is suitable for 40 people
  • On the first floor, there are 14 rooms for 30 people: 2x triple and 12x double.
  • There are 6 showers and 6 toilets and there is an open shower room (5p).
  • On the ground floor (10p) is accommodation (35m²) for the coaches containing a sitting room, a double bedroom and a bathroom.
  • There are fore extra bedrooms: 1x single, 2x double and1x triple.
  • In the corridor is the cloakroom, there are 4 toilets, 3 showers and a bathroom for the disabled.
  • The main room measures approx. 120m² (7×17m), the dining room/conservatory 70m² (5×14m), and the kitchen 20m².

From the conservatory on the eastern side, you see a fairytale clearing through the bushes. Morning mists, Roe Deer, Wood nymphs even? Especially in the morning, at first light, you can hear the ‘dawn chorus’ an astonishing collection of songbirds singing from this unique spot. On the Building 2. floor plan (PDF) an exact layout of the building is shown including the size in m² and the number of beds and bedrooms.


There is an established base price for a minimum of 28 people. Further details about this are given under Prices.

  • Grote zaal gebouw B op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • De eetzaal en serre van gebouw B op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Het trappenhuis met prachtig uitzicht van gebouw B op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • De stafkamer van gebouw B op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Een standaard slaapkamer in gebouw B op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties