Building 3. ... Home sweet home

This is the oldest house in Meeuwenveen. It has 13 rooms with 32 beds for 37 guests. The layout is slightly different from the other accommodations and this gives the building a special character.

De terraszijde van gebouw C op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties

The main room is located in the middle of the house and provides you with everything you might need. A place to work, eat and relax. A few years ago the building underwent a very successful renovation which greatly improved the atmosphere. The new conservatory has floor-to-ceiling glass. There is a fireplace, and underfloor heating throughout. With beautiful Japanese sliding doors, capable of elegantly disappearing into the walls, the room can be divided into both work and separate dining areas.


The main room has two stereo sound installations. You can use the one that you personally find most convenient. There is also a bar and a spacious kitchen. Groups that simultaneously use other buildings invariably eat here together.

Most bedrooms are for three people. They are so organized that you do have a sense of your own space. Each has a door leading outside to the garden. In the morning you are able to step out onto the dewy grass.

Showers and toilets are new and fresh, and are centrally located in the building. Just as in all the other accommodations, in addition to individual showers, you will also find a communal shower. This proves very convenient as Building 3. also has its own sauna.

At the front of the building is a stylish apartment with four bedrooms and private facilities. An ideal accommodation for teachers and staff.

Numbers, dimensions and surfaces

Building 3. has 13 rooms with 32 beds for 37 people
A main room of 10 ×10 m. and a dining room of 4.5 × 8 m. (140m2 total)
A large kitchen of 30m2
The teachers have 35m2 of a private living/bed room, including a bathroom
35 participants can be accommodated in; 1 single, 3 doubles, 4 triples and 4 quadruples
There are 7 toilets
5 showers
A communal shower for 4 persons
An outdoor sauna for 6 persons
A private garden and terraces of approximately 400m2


The minimum rent of Building 3. corresponds to the price for 22 people. For a complete overview please go to Prices. The prices for renting the main room are on request only.


Building 3. offers maximum privacy, and no one need bother you. On the south side you can sunbathe freely on the lawn, on the terrace, or directly in front of your bedroom door. There is also a great place to sit around a fire.

On the north side by the dining room, is a terrace that provides direct sunlight from midday on. The borders here are filled with rare wild plants supplied by the Arnica nursery. The nursery especially propagates these plants to protect them from extinction. There is always something in bloom and the flowers attract many special species of butterflies.

Beside the barn, there are three parking areas. There is also a possibility to park a campervan. For exact dimensions and layout of the building, you can download a detailed map (PDF).


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