Can I sleep outside, build a campfire, bring my dog?

By each house, there is enough space for a few tents. There is also a beautiful meadow nearby where, if you’re lucky, you can be alone. However, it is advisable to enquire about availability beforehand as sometimes it may be reserved for a Sweat-lodge ceremony or other activities.

There are no amenities such as plumbing or electricity and it is not permitted to carry things (mattresses, blankets) out of the house to your tent. As for the price, it makes no difference whether you sleep inside or outside.

In the meadow, there is a woodshed with a large stockpile of firewood. You’ll always need the prior permission of the manager for a bonfire and occasionally, if the forest is too dry, it won’t be possible. By every building, there is a beautiful garden fire bowl. For safety, we ask you to always place a bucket of water next to it. You can fetch the firewood yourself; it costs € 5, – per basket.

Do not bring your pet with you without prior consent from the organisation. Remember some people can be allergic to certain animals. Because of this, Meeuwenveen insists on certain additional conditions concerning hygiene.

Een karretje brandhout is gelijk aan 3 manden

A full trolley equals three baskets of firewood