Can I sleep outside, build a campfire, bring my dog?

For any of the above requests, permission must first be granted from your organisation and from Meeuwenveen.

By each house, there is enough space for a tent or camper. There is no electricity or sanitation provided but there are also no extra costs. It is not permitted to carry articles such as mattresses or blankets out of the house to your tent. Due to outdoor activities, it won’t always be possible to camp in the meadow. Please note that biting insects may also be present e.g. ticks.

In the meadow, there is a woodshed with a large stockpile of firewood. It costs € 6,- per basket. For a bonfire, you always need the prior permission of the manager. This in case of possible fire risks and it can only be made in a fire-bowl. You’ll find one provided by every building.

Do not bring your pet with you without prior consent from the organisation. Remember some people can be allergic to certain animals. Because of this, Meeuwenveen insists on certain additional conditions concerning hygiene.

Een karretje brandhout is gelijk aan 3 manden

A full trolley equals three baskets of firewood