Frequently asked questions ...

Is Meeuwenveen wheelchair friendly?

In Building 1 and the ‘Voorhuis’ the sanitary facilities have yet to be modified for wheelchair use. However, both accommodations are step free and allow easy access.

Building 2 has been modified and it is possible to enter the building without any problems. It also houses a spacious bathroom with suitable sanitary facilities.

Although the sanitary facilities in Building 3 have been modified for wheelchair use, on entering the building you’ll find there are still a few steps to manoeuvre. However, an alternative route is available should it be felt necessary to avoid them.

Can I reserve a private room?

A private room can be rearranged to suit your personal needs by the organization of your course or training. They can reserve your accommodation at Meeuwenveen with fore- knowledge of what the precise options are, and what costs may be involved.

Is my coat still hanging at Meeuwenveen?

Except for socks, any articles found are always kept for a while. Send us an e-mail as soon as you discover something is missing. If we do not have it, then we will always do our best to find it for you. If we do, then we will retain it until you are able to collect it. On request, we can forward it to you by post. We only charge for the postage.

Can I park my car at Meeuwenveen?

Yes, and this is also an official requirement. Unfortunately, because it’s narrow it is not permitted to park along the Meeuwenveenweg. However, with the recent expansion of the parking lot, we can now accommodate 20 extra parking spaces. The upside of this is that we have been able to replant the whole area, making it even more beautiful than it previously was.

Op Meeuwenveen staat een elektrische laadpaal