Is it necessary to bring my sports gear to Meeuwenveen?

What’s more exhilarating than to take a relaxing jog across the dewy paths of forest and heath early in the morning? Trainers on, and then into the great outdoors, that’s all it takes. You will immediately find yourself in glorious nature.

For mountain-bike enthusiasts, there are three interconnecting, technical routes. Together they span more than 40 km. You can find them on the website of MTB Havelte. At Meeuwenveen, for the real enthusiast, you can spray wash your bike!

A swim in the ‘Oude Vaart’ (Old Canal) is also possible. This is located on the other side of the main canal, south of Meeuwenveen. But you can also use the public swimming- pool in Havelte if you prefer, it’s only a short 15 minute walk

A little further away is the ‘Brandeveen’ an old peat excavation now filled with water. It’s shallow with a sandy bottom and is situated in the woods between Havelte and Uffelte. It’s a lovely place to be. Although swimming is not permitted it’s unlikely you’ll get fined for just dangling your legs in the water.

Het Uffelter Binnenveld

If the ‘Uffelter Binnenveld’ isn’t too wet, then you can enjoy walking or running through it.