Is there Internet? A piano? A sauna?

You will receive a code from us for free WiFi. Thanks to the fiber optic connection, the internet connection is fast. If you are sensitive to radiation, we can switch off the WiFi when and if necessary. You’ll find the range of your mobile phone is limited, but the reception outside is much better and setting it to “Wi-Fi” can also help.

We have a Roland FP-80 stage piano, in a flight case. It’s a ‘First come, first served’ policy.

The Finish sauna is located in a secluded spot by Building 3. Its use is reserved mainly for this building unless, of course, it’s not rented out. The system is simple; It costs €25 per hour, but the warm-up time of 1 hour is free.

De sauna voor 6 personen achter gebouw C op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties

The sauna for maximum 6 people, situated behind Building 3.