What are the prices?

At Meeuwenveen it is possible to hire one or more buildings with all the facilities and space you require. The use of the rooms, kitchens, etc. are all included. Any financial quotes are tailor-made in consultation with you. The amounts given below are only a guideline. We will provide you with a rental invoice at the end of your stay when the precise size of the group is known, and whether any additional costs were incurred. It is also possible to pin.

Catering is not included. If you do not cook yourself, we can put you in touch with chefs with whom we have excellent experiences. The basic price is around €35 p.p.p.d, depending on group size, diets, organic, service level, etc.

Until August 2021 the rental rate is:

  • for a weekend per day: €44 pp,
  • for a weekday: €40 pp,
  • for part of a day (1/3 day): €15.50 pp.
  • For the “Voorhuis” there is a base price for a minimum of 10 people. Accommodates max. 14 people.
  • For Building 1. Base.price min.18 people. Accommodates max. 23 people.
  • For Building 2. Base.price min. 28 people. Accommodates max. 40 people.
  • For Building 3. Base.price min. 22 people. Accommodates max. 37 people.

All our prices are exclusive 9% VAT and €1.25 p.p.n. Tourist tax for 2020 and €1.35 p.p.n. for 2021. On single-day rentals 21% VAT rate is applicable.

Other rates

  • Individual overnight stays before or after a group stay: €33 per person
  • Bed linen (under sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase): €8 per set
  • Towels (large, medium, face cloth): €4
  • Firewood (basket): €6
  • Sauna (1 hour): €25
  • Recharge car (kWh) : €0.35
  • Extra rooms: on request
  • Final cleaning: on request
  • Catering: on request

For camping, flip-chart paper, use of the keyboard, projector, massage tables, yoga mats, meditation cushions/seats, there is no extra charge. For permanent tenants, there is the possibility to store things.

Do I have to leave a deposit? What is the cancellation policy?

Upon your reservation, you will receive a lease with all the agreements plus an invoice for a deposit of approximately €10 per person. You will receive the final bill after your stay. If you cancel, your deposit will be forfeited. However, If you cancel between 6 to 3 months before the start date, a 1/3 of the minimum rent will be billed. Between 3 months and 1 month before the start date, 2/3 of the minimum rent will be billed. After 1 month, the entire minimum rent will be billed. For rental to private individuals, different rules apply.

The basic rate is based on self-maintenance i.e. you leave the accommodation in the same order that you found it in. It is also possible to arrange either a fully or partially arranged stay. These rates are on request only.