What are the prices?

Your stay at Meeuwenveen is based on self-sufficiency. It is common practice,therefore, to leave the property as you found it on arrival. However, it is also possible to arrange either a partial or complete care plan. These prices are available on request. Meals are not included in the price.

If you don’t wish to cook for yourself and would like to outsource catering services, we can recommend a number of excellent and trusted chefs. They will gladly take care of all your dietary requirements. Price agreements, special diets, organic, vegetarian and meal times, etc can be made directly with the chef (m/f) of your choice. The average price per person, per day, is around €35.

Prices per person are the same for all the buildings

Weekend rate (2 days x €41.50) €83 p/p
Midweek rate (per day) €38 p/p
Half-day rate (morning, afternoon, evening) €14 p/p

Incomplete days are counted as half days. Each year, from August 1st, the prices are altered to match the basic rate of inflation. The above rates are valid until 08/01/2019.

The minimum rental varies according to the accommodation

Voorhuis 1. (12p) 8 x price per person
Building 1. (23p) 18 x the price per person
Building 2. (40p) 28 x the price per person
Building 3. (37p) 22 x the price per person

If you wish to simultaneously book multiple buildings, the minimum price for each building will be charged.

Optional costs

Sheets €7.50 per set (sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase)
Towels €3.50 per set (large, medium, face cloth)
Firewood €5 per basket
Sauna €25 per hour
Extra room on request
Cleaning on request
Catering on request

N.B. All amounts are exclusive tax. At present these are 6% VAT and a tourist tax of
€1.10 p.p/p.n.

What is the minimum rent for a weekend?

Voorhuis 1. 8 × €83 €664
Building 1. 18 × €83 €1494
Building 2. 28 × €83 €2324
Building 3. 22 × €83 €1826

How do I calculate the price per person?

Weekend from Friday 18.00 till Sunday 17:00 2 × €41.50 €83
Weekend from Friday 10.00 till Sunday 17:00 2 × €14 + 2 × €41.50 €111
Weekend from Friday 18.00 till Monday 17:00 2 × €41.50 + 1 × €38 €121
Midweek Monday 13:00 till / incl. Thursday 17:00 1 × €14 + 3 × €38 €128

Should I make a deposit? What is the cancellation policy?

For every booking you will receive our rental agreement containing a bill for the deposit of €10 p/p (excl. VAT tax) You will receive the final bill after your stay. If unfortunately you have to cancel, the deposit is forfeited to Meeuwenveen. If you cancel between 12 and 6 weeks before your bookings date then a third of the rent will be deducted. Between six and two weeks before the bookings date, it becomes two-thirds of the rent. Thereafter, the full rent will be charged. For non-business rentals, different rules apply.

Can I also rent for a single day?

Occasionally it is possible to rent for one day but this is only applicable when there is an opening available. Multi-day rentals always take precedence because Meeuwenveen centre is created primarily for this purpose. The rental for a single day can be made on request.
N.B. A higher VAT tax rate of 21% is applicable.

Does Meeuwenveen offer any special deals?

The basic rate is calculated on the basis of a long weekend (three days.) Should you wish to stay for a longer period and/or if you have special requirements, we can offer customised solutions.