A week, weekend, or just book next week Thursday?

If you are interested in reserving one of the houses at Meeuwenveen, please contact Alwin van Dijk via +31 521 341289 or send him an email.


Even without advertising, there is great demand for accommodation at Meeuwenveen. Some groups reserve years in advance. Dates and numbers, however, are not our only concern. The nature of the work and whether there are specific needs involved, are also important to us. Any accommodation is decided upon in collaboration, offering you the best possibilities. We adapt the services accordingly. It’s both beneficial and advisable to make contact with us before you decide on finalizing any dates.


I will be delighted to make an appointment with you for a viewing. Due to our full calendar, this will most probably have to be scheduled during the week.

Taking an option

An option remains valid for two weeks. This gives you the time to arrive at a final decision and to consult with your colleagues. When the two week period is up, and without any further communication, your option will expire, and the accommodation may be offered to another client. However, you will receive a reminder and, if need be, we can extend the option for you.


If you decide to reserve, a contract will be drawn up containing all the agreements. The contract also includes the general terms and conditions and the cancellation rules. A note of deposit accompanies the contract. On all the prices the reduced V.A.T. rate (6%) will apply, with the exception of 21% V.A.T. for single day hire.

Single day hire

The spaces we offer are primarily intended for multi-day courses. Because these are the main focus of our work, single days can therefore only be hired a few months in advance. A single day price is available on request.