A week, weekend, or just a day ...

For information about availability, contact Alwin van Dijk (0521-341289) or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

After consulting with you about the possibilities, Alwyn forms an impression of what is important and relevant for you. Great value is placed on this personal contact; it’s one of the main reasons why our availability agenda is not visible on the website.

Before your data is completely finalised it is important to make further contact with us. Space is offered particularly for multi-day training. It is possible to reserve individual days, evenings, etc. but only possible if it does not impede on our core activity.


We are happy to make an appointment for viewing, but given that the buildings are usually occupied at weekends, it will invariably be during the week.

Reflection time

If you cannot make an immediate decision, we offer you a fortnight to change your mind. We will hold your reservation as an option and this may also be extended, when necessary.

To reserve

After finalising the reservation, you will receive a lease agreement. It contains our agreements, including the cancellation procedure. The rental agreement is accompanied by a down payment invoice. By paying this invoice, the reservation becomes definite and in so doing you agree to our the general terms and conditions and the cancellation rules.


Sometimes a weekend is canceled. That’s unfortunate, but for someone else it can also be an opportunity. These weekends are referred to as “chance opportunities” and you can find them under the article “Are there any weekends available?”.