Meeuwenveen ... on the border of moraine and peat bog

An old wooded, drifting dune, covers a large part of the terrain. Lying against these slopes are the buildings, with their lawns and terraces. The whole Meeuwenveen estate is surrounded by the National Parks of Drenthe. On the southern side, it overlooks swampy lowlands with frog ponds. On the eastern side, you can easily feel you have stepped into primaeval times. At the Uffelter Binnenveld, hardly anything has changed since it was abandoned by the last ice age. To take a walk here is a very special experience.

A little further away is the Holtingerveld. This is one of the earliest inhabited areas of Drenthe. There are sites containing stone tools, dolmens, and mysterious burial mounds. In August, when the heather is in bloom, it buzzes with honeybees. You have to have experienced this just once in your life.

You will enjoy a rare wealth of plant and animal life. We support this in all kinds of ways with our site management. Also, a large part of the estate remains protected from activities. We feel that this is essential to retain the holistic balance.

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