Meeuwenveen: An inspiring place for courses, training and seminars

For almost 30 years Meeuwenveen has offered a space for trainers, teachers, and accompanying groups to work towards raising awareness. Organisations and companies travel from across the globe, to spend valuable time at Meeuwenveen. Once you have discovered Meeuwenveen, you’ll never want to leave.


During your stay, you will be able to organise everything yourself. We offer you the means to accomplish this and retain complete control, enabling you to work with confidence, and in complete freedom.

Exactly right

Meeuwenveen manages four separate accommodations of varying sizes. You can choose the building that best suits you, but if required, it’s possible to use more than one building. The place is yours, and in it you will find everything you need. The decor is neutral, tasteful and light and it’s possible to create your personal atmosphere with ease.

A unique location

The surrounding terrain is rich in flora and fauna and expands into an ancient nature reserve. Except for the other guests, there are no neighbours, and we are on call should you need assistance.

  • Het nieuwe kantoor aan het eind van de parkeerplaats op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • De nieuwe uitbouw van het Voorhuis.
  • Via een klein klinkerpad kom je bij de ingang van Gebouw 1.
  • De hoofdingang van Gebouw B is nog net door het struikgewas te zien..
  • Het bos en de nieuwe zaal raken elkaar net niet
  • De terraszijde van gebouw C op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties