Meeuwenveen: An inspiring place for courses, training or seminars

For more than twenty years Meeuwenveen has offered a space for trainers, teachers, and their accompanying groups to work towards raising awareness, meaningfulness and self-fulfilment. Organisations and companies travel from across the globe, to spend valuable time at Meeuwenveen, deepening their awareness, studying and becoming proficient in the art of living.


The Meeuwenveen centre offers you the freedom for a fully autonomous stay. The quality of both facilities and accommodation make this possible. The sole aim of our business management is to allow you to work with confidence and in complete freedom.

For each and every group

Within the three buildings, you will be able to find the appropriate accommodation to suit your needs. The four individual units have space for groups of up to 10, 20, 30, 40 people respectively. If you need additional space, it is possible to make use of several buildings simultaneously. In total, we have space for more than a hundred guests.

The perfect balance

In the accommodation of your choice, you will find everything you need: attractive and efficient areas to both work and eat, a comfortable staff room, fully equipped kitchens, modern sanitary and practical bedrooms with comfortable beds. The perfect balance, neither too much or too little. The rooms are light with bright décor and exude a clean, subtle energy. You can create your personal atmosphere in them with ease.

Unique location

Nature’s gift adds extra value to the quality of your stay. Her natural beauty soothes and heals. Meeuwenveen is the location for new experiences, contemplation … and relaxation.

“We use the accommodations at Meeuwenveen because it’s both safe and secure.”


  • De weg langs Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Meeuwenveen Accomodaties van bovenaf
  • Het Voorhuis op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Het gebouw B midden op het terrein van Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Meeuwenveen Accommodaties Gebouw C
  • Om de bagage te vervoeren op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
  • Kamperen met een vuurplaats op Meeuwenveen Accommodaties