Who are we?

Kees Middelweerd

Kees’s experience of the intense and profound nature of interactive group work has inspired him to make this possibility accessible to others. The basis of his business philosophy has been to create an environment in which this work can be optimally developed and grow.

Kees Middelweerd

Jeroen Menger

Jeroen, employed since 2000, is the caretaker. His important task is to keep everything clean and in order. He takes care of your building and, therefore, also of you.

Jeroen aan het vissen in de vijver achter het kantoorgebouw.

Alwin van Dijk

Alwin is the manager. With his arrival in May 2018, Meeuwenveen aims to ensure the successful continuity of the company. He has a deep love for nature and the diverse plant and animal life on the estate, will be in excellent hands.

Alwin schiet een foto in het bos.